Complete Electronic Product Development

  • Hardware and Software
  • Circuit Board Design and Prototyping
  • Low to Medium Volume Manufacturing
  • Automatic Surface Mount Pick And Place Assembly

Software Development

  • Embarcadero Rad Studio Delphi, Windows, Android, IOS, Mac

Industrial Control Equipment

  • Agricultural Fertiliser Spreading Controls
  • Swimming Pool Chemical Control Equipment
  • Chemical Dosing Control Equipment
  • Bitumen Spraying Control Equipment

Microcontroller Applications

  • ARM, mBed, LPCXpresso, ANSI C
  • Touch Screen, USB, Bluetooth
  • Optical Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Load Cells, Temperature Sensors

My Customers

  • JWE Ltd

    Bitumen Sprayer Control Systems
    Bitumen Tank Level Systems
    Fertiliser Spreader Controls
    Industrial Controls
    Agricultural Products
  • Select Chemicals Ltd

    Swimming Pool Chemical Controls
    Dosing Pump Controls
    Dairy Cleaning Controllers
  • SwampEnd Karting

    Relative Air Density Meters
    Kart Balancing Scales
    High RPM LED Timing Lights

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